Tender 18575088-546-13

Amado Yañez OsunaJanuary 8, 2014

Oceanografia, SA de CV presented the proposal to participate in the National Tender No 18575088-546-13 that require to hire nine mud vessels with the aim to: "Transport, conditioning and recovery of fluids during drilling, completion and workover supported by a boat processor, " Projects H, I, J, K, N, XIII, XVI, XVII and XVIII.

OSA win tender 18575108-527-13

November 6 20013

Oceanografía SA de CV wins tender No 18575108-527-13 TLC whose purpose is: Facilities Maintenance and Support Offshore Drilling Wells Stimulation and Induction in the Gulf of Mexico facilities in support of a vessel with dynamic positioning.

Tender 18575108-528-13

oceanografia October 8, 2013

Oceanografia SA de CV first in the Bid 18575108-528-13 to Rehabilitation, maintenance and adaptation of marine platforms supported by a dynamically positioned vessel in the Gulf of Mexico facilities

Tender 18575108-527-13

Oceanografia October 8, 2013

Oceanografia SA de CV first in the Bid 18575108-527-13 to Maintenance facilities and support offshore drilling and inducing stimulation wells in the Gulf of Mexico facilities supported by a vessel with dynamic positioning system

Tender 18575-108-523-13 assigned to OSA

oceanografiaOctober 6, 2013

The International Public Tender 18575108-523-13 was assigned to "Oceanografía SA de CV". The aim of this tender is: Maintenance to marine platforms with the support with a dinamic position system vessel. The works start in october 2013.

Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto Tax Reform

September 9, 2013

MEXICO CITY. - President Enrique Pena Nieto presented at the official residence of Los Pinos the details of its proposed tax reform and social security that delivered this afternoon at the House of Representatives.


Tender No 185751108-517-13

PSS Jupiter 1August 19, 2013

Oceanografia SA de CV gets favorable ruling on International Public Tender on TLC No 185751108-517-13 that aims to "Repair Platform ABK-A Housing for damages occasioned by the sinking of the Semisubmersible Platform Jupiter-1"

Schedule of Conference Calls

Conference Call Oceanografía SA de CV

Date: Feb 24 2014 
Time: 16:00 hrs Mexico Central Time
Within US and Canada: 1-800-308-2601 
Outside US and Canada: 1-719-955-2367 

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Investors Relations

Oceanografía SA de CV is a Mexican company with more than forty-five years in the oil industry who offers integrated services of engineering, diving, installation, inspection and maintenance of marine structures, drilling support services, materials logistic, personal carrier, as well as, inspection, installation and construction of subsea pipelines. The Group has the most versatile, modern and specialized fleet of vessels in the Mexican part of the Gulf of México for the oil industry and currently operates 69 various vessels including IMR, offshore supply, crew boats, mud vessels and general support vessels. Approximately 97% of the Group's revenues are from Petróleos Mexicanos ("PEMEX").

Oceanografía SA de CV, PetroTour 2013 Takeaways

Oceanografia PetroTour 2013 takeaways

Oceanografia (OSA) hosted its ´Petrotour 2013´ last week, with management presentations, onshore site visits and tour to its vessels offshore, including the OSA Goliath and Caballo Marango. The company´s strong local standing was obvious with its location in the sweet spot, very close to the major Cantarell field. We got the chance to visit and inspect the OSA Goliath offshore (while working); It is undoubtedly a high capacity vessel that is being maintained well. Find below some key takeaways from the tour:

Oceanografia comments on current business:

  • Management of OSA held presentations and Q&As, sharing views on both OSA´s positioning and Pemex's ambitious plans
  • In line with comments on the Q3 conference call, the company believes it can achieve an EBITDA on par with 2012 this year.

Pemex plans and market outlook:

  • As previously highlighted, and confirmed in a recent meeting between Pemex and industry contractors, the National Oil Company aims to install 60 platforms (jacket and topside, meaning 120 installations) over the coming 5 years
  • Looking at crane capacity required, the Goliath seems very well positioned for a longer term contract related to this major workscope and the vessel is capable of doing around 60% of the work, with the residual requiring larger lift capacity
  • While timing of contract awards is being pushed somewhat, the current aim is to award contracts related to this in the April-June 2014 period - the contract format is still not finalized (lump sum or dayrate/work scope per contract)
  • This work will also draw significant additional tonnage of support vessels (logistics vessels, including PSVs and crew boats)
  • Pemex is currently in the process of renewing the offshore fleet, requiring vessels < 15 years old
  • Given Pemex plans it looks like there will be a undersupply of vessels in 2014/15, which underpins recent indications that Pemex is now looking internationally for capacity (PSVs) due to a shortage in the home market

Comments on OSA Goliath (and Caballo Marango):

  • Oceanografia gave a tour around the famous Cantarell field, being a cluster of platforms
  • Both the Goliath and Marango were working offshore; Goliath was hooking up pipelines to a platform, while the Marango was doing conventional repair and maintenance
  • No news on a new Goliath contract, however the existing contract seems likely to be extended into Q1. The company seems very comfortable that the vessel will continue to work continuously for Pemex, as it has been the recent 3 years. OSA might swap the vessel into the current Marango contract, if the latter vessel is successful on getting the 400 days+ contract that it is currently being bid on
  • In terms of the current condition of Goliath, we had the chance to get a full tour of the vessel; It is undoubtedly a high capacity vessel that is being well maintained
  • While the Goliath currently has V-Ships doing technical management (expected to be swapped with OSA people soon), the Marango is operated by OSA themselves - and as with the Goliath, Marango was also well maintained


Steffen Rødsjø

Oceanografía SA de CV Announces 3Q 2013 Financial Reports

Oceanografía has published the financial reports at third quarter of 2013 ending Sep 30. These reports are published in the Investor Site. To access and review them you need to use your account.

Upcoming Events:
Oceanografía SA de CV 3Q 2013 Financial Reports Conference Call friday October 25, 2013. The details will be sending via email to Investor List Distribution

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OSA Goliath Subsidiary

Oceanografia Subsidiary Buys DP 3 Subsea Vessel 

September 30, 2013

Oceanografia subsidiary OSA Goliath successfully completes a private placement of $160mio senior secured bond to purchase the vessel OSA Goliath. Pareto Securities was the sole arranger. CEO of Oceanografia Mr Amado Yanez said "With the purchase of this state-of-the-art DP3 Subsea vessel, Oceanografia is on its way to become a major contender in the international Subsea market."

Petrotour 2013

Save the date - PetroTour Investors 2013

We would like to invite you to one of the most exciting and unique events of the offshore oil industry in Mexico

When: 6 and 7 November 2013

Where: Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico

Agenda: This trip will showcase the services performed by Oceanografia SA de CV, Mexico's largest oil services group, which will include a tour of its onshore and offshore facilities. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit Oceanografia's state-of-the-art flagship vessels, the OSA Goliath and the Caballo Marango which operate for Pemex in the Bay of Campeche.

For more information or to register, please contact Jorge Betancourt Méndez via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.